what i wore today:

wiwt 11.03.09 front

boots: thrifted
grey tights: walmart
grey cord skirt: walmart
white t-shirt: old navy
belt: repurposed weight belt {see here}
silver hair clip: my mother's

and from behind:

wiwt 11.03.09 back


what i wore yesterday:

wiwt: 10.27.09

boots: thrifted
brown tights: target
cord skirt: wal-mart
grey sweater: my mother's
leather jacket: old navy
rust scarf: brussels



i made these the other night using this recipe from
the november issue of bon appetit. rather than fuss
with a layer cake, i just made cupcakes because they're
cuter and more fun and who doesn't love cupcakes?
cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. even the word is fun to
say. i also ditched the orange zest in the frosting
and just grated some fresh on top. on a scale of 1
to 10 my mother rated these magnolia.

i know that makes very little sense, but basically these
are freaking delicious and you should go make them.


what i wore today:

wiwt: 10.12.09.

clogs: dansko
railroad stripped pants: old navy
grey t-shirt: old navy
grey sweater: hand me down
brown leather jacket: old navy
déjeuner, aujourd'hui.


for lunch today i had some pumpkin and swiss chard
lasagne i made the other day {recipe here}, a
spinach salad and some fresh pear. all alongside a
giant mug of tea and lots of water and orange juice,
as i am on day 6 of a horrendous cold and was sent
home from work this morning. which means: catch up
time for computer projects.